Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Speedy Down (Again)

This morning (around 10 AM), i got a phone call from Yahya, asking whether my Speedy connection was down or not, since he couldn't connect to Speedy. I couldn't answer that, since i had to replace my colleague at 8 AM (he had to attend a meeting in Jakarta), so i went to campus at 7.30 AM. At morning, i woke up at 5.30 AM and i still saw my download was progressing, so i thought i had no problem at all, so i asked him to call 147. Few minutes later, he sent me an SMS message saying that Speedy in Jogja did have a problem.

After finishing my work at the campus, i went back to my house and i saw my modem's LED turned to RED, meaning there was a problem. So i turned off my computer and waited until the connection has been restored. At around 4 PM, i went back to campus to teach my class again and when i arrived at home at around 7 PM, i turned on my modem and voila.... i can connect to my Speedy again love struck

The strange thing is that when i was in the campus, i can browse using the same ISP (Telkom), but with different name, AstiNet (which i thought for corporate users). I thought they share the same system, but unfortunately, i was wrong.