Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Notes About 21Cineplex

Continuing from Thomas' post about 21Cineplex's website, i would like to add some more, based on my own experience. This is about 21Cineplex in Jogja, not their website or 21Cinpelex in other cities in Indonesia though.
  1. Inconsistent schedule. Sometimes the schedule displayed on the website is not the same schedule when you get to the ticket box.
  2. Too late opening the ticket box. When you have a schedule of 10.30 AM, i guess the ideal time to open the ticket box is at 9.30 AM, not in 10 or even 10.15. It's even worse if the computer is broken so they have to make a round-robin scheduling to deliver the seat position across three officers using papers and wrote the ticket information at the back of the ticket which wasted too much time (this is based on my own experience last Saturday)
  3. No operator ready to answer the phone. They have a line, but no dedicated operator to answer the phone if somebody called, so what's the use of the phone if there's nobody who will answer it?
Ok, three is enough for now (as Thomas also stopped after three complaints big grin even though i have more complaints, mostly about movies selection). I hope the management see this post (and also Thomas') and make an improvements. It's not meant to discredit them, but to tell the management that there's something wrong and hoping that they will fix that.