Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Offline Google Docs

It's another release of Google's products. Offline Google Docs. It enables users to work offline and then re-syncronized it when you have your access to the Internet again. So far, it has been rolled out to some people, but in the next few weeks, most users will see this feature on their account.

This nifty feature is backed by Google Gear, an open source browser extension that lets developers create web applications that can run offline. In the future, when Firefox 3 has been released, we may not need any extension to access this service, because Firefox 3 has offline browsing capabilities. While it's not yet described which other service which will be available on offline mode, it seems that if GMail has this feature, then it will be a nice one big grin

This announcement is made few hours before the April Fool days, but i don't see this new feature on the New Features Page of Google Docs. So, can this be one of Google's April Fool Day? Can anybody confirms this by looking at their Google Docs account and check whether if they get a new icon like in the video below? So far, i haven't got this icon on my account (yet).

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  1. List of all this year's prank

    Nope, the offline doc is correct.