Saturday, April 19, 2008

Watching Movies

In the last few days, i have watched few movies, but the top three that i thought was the best are The Forbidden Kingdom, Kung Fu Mahjong 3 : The Final Duel, and Final Approach. The last two movies i got from Internet, while the first one was the movie i watched this morning with my girlfriend at movie theater in Ambarukmo Plaza.

I would like to write a morality i learned after i watched the second movie, Kung Fu Mahjong 3. In this movie, a person called Ken was a son of a master of Gambler and he was gifted a good "hand" when playing mahjong, but ever since he met a girl named Nancy, he lost his fortune and became so bad at doing things and always failed on every decision he made. Even though the girl has said that she would bring bad luck to every person she met, Ken still refuses to believe that she's the reason why he had such a bad luck. and bla.. bla.. bla.. (you should watch the movie yourself and it became not interesting if i tell you the story)

The point is that he need to have his luck back to fight against his father's enemy which are Bowie and his new mother, Sophie or else they would take his family business. He then asked by his father to met a person who was a great gambler (nickname : Grand Slam Ben), but he had the same "accident" as Ken, which makes him changed his name to "Chicken Ben". He got a training from this men and finally he got his luck back and won the match.

One good point that i saw on this movie is that people are not always in bad position (like in the bottom of a wheel). Sometimes, when you try hard, God will not be unfair to you and give you a better position again (at the top of a wheel). Both of Ken and Ben has proven that they still love their couples, even though they knew that their couples brings bad luck to them. They had their own ways of doing things without having a bad accidents.

The movie is so funny and i often laugh when i watched this movie this morning rolling on the floor

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