Saturday, April 26, 2008

Missing Books

I have been trying to find my old books about PHP programming (i like that book since it contains working examples, so we can try it directly without having to debug the code first). It's been missing for about one year. At first, i thought my friend borrowed it, since sometimes, they did and i probably forgot to ask them back (since most of the time, i don't remember who borrowed what).

Tonight, when i went back from dinner, i saw that book on the top of the poll table. I wonder, who found that book thinking. Thanks for not throwing away the books and let me retrieve it back big hug

Anyways, the books are PHP and Regex from Steven Haryanto. It was published by Dian Rakyat few years ago and it's quite popular among programmers.


  1. Ya buku yang bagus sayangnya sudah tidak ada di toko buku, sepertinya tidak dicetak ulang

  2. yup, sekarang sudah susah cari bukunya, padahal isinya bagus :)

  3. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Memang sudah susah dicarinya.
    Tapi bisa dicoba kontak langsung Dian Rakyat, temen saya bisa ndapetin tuh