Friday, April 18, 2008

Kernel 2.6.25 and NVidia Drivers

This morning, i have managed to upgrade my PC to the latest kernel, 2.6.25 (actually i build the kernel last night, but i reboot the computer just now). As usual, after booting with new kernel, i had to re-ran the NVidia installer to compile the driver for the current kernel. Unfortunately, it failed, because there was changes in the kernel source code during the 2.6.25 development cycle, so the current driver (71.86.04, 96.43.05, 169.12 and 171.06) are all broken without prior modification.

The NVidia team has anticipated this by releasing a patch for those drivers which can be found on their forum. To execute the patch and ran the NVidia installer, use this following command (using 71.86.04 as the example):
# sh /path/to/ \
--apply-patch NVIDIA_kernel-71.86.04-2305230.diff
# sh

After that, you can start recompiling your NVidia driver again. It works on my system big grin