Wednesday, April 09, 2008

False Rumor?

My friend heard a rumor that Friendster will be blocked also in the future, since it contains too much porn contents. I can only laugh at this laughing. I'm not sure where does he got this news.

For me, i don't really care too much if Friendster is really blocked, since i don't use it as intense as before, but i'm sure others (mostly youngsters or teenagers) will be VERY mad big grin since since Friendster is one of the biggest social networking site in Asia (including Indonesia).

Well, so far it's only a rumor. Don't take it seriously until there is a solid proof (which i doubt it's existence).


  1. Tapi sangat mungkin. Friendster diam-diam juga digunakan untuk diskusi SARA (melalui fasilitas comment.. aku pernah dapat undangannya tapi aku menolak).

    Itu sebabnya, pemblokiran bukan langkah yang tepat. Sebenarnya sih, Senin malam lalu aku pengen nantang Pak Menteri buat memblokir wikipedia :D

  2. whoa! alarming news but i think it will stay as rumor, the company is earning billions from friendster it'll be suicide closing this one, they have computer programmers to sort the porn-things from the clean profiles, nice blog, link exchange? lemme know if you're intrested