Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adding Karmic Repository

Some colleagues and my students asked me to add Karmic to the repository as they still use Karmic and a little bit hesitate to migrate to Lucid when it's released. They have modified their desktop so much and they can't take any risk of losing it again (meaning they would have to download all of them again).

So for the last few days, i have been adding Karmic to the repository for i386 and amd64 architecture. It was totally huge and it took about three days to fully rsync with uplink mirror that i use. I started the rsync script at night so that it won't slow down the other at peak time and normal days, so the progress is very slow. Not only that, the Lucid repository keeps changing each days, with new packages introduced, rebuild packages, and many more. The changes keeps going on.

So finally tonight, i shall have finished the Karmic and Lucid repository and both of them has been updated to the latest update from the mirror. From this point, next update should be smaller as it will only get the changes from the current position.

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