Saturday, April 17, 2010

InnoDB to be MySQL 5.5 Default Storage Engine

John Russell, InnoDB documentation lead for MySQL has posted an article called Introduction to MySQL 5.5. This is probably first article about future releases of MySQL after it has been bought by Oracle. It is a good news, as many parties worries if Oracle would stop developing MySQL due to MySQL's position in the past being as Oracle's rival product.

Future MySQL (5.5) will have this new features:
  • InnoDB Becomes Default Storage Engine
  • Better Metadata Locking within Transactions
  • Improved Performance and Scale on Win32 and Win64
  • Semi-Synchronous Replication
  • Replication Heartbeat
  • More Partitioning Options
  • Performance Schema
  • Improved Recovery Performance
  • Multiple Buffer Pool Instances
  • Multiple Rollback Segments
  • Native Asynchronous I/O for Linux
  • Extended Change Buffering: Now with Delete Buffering and Purge buffering
  • Improved Log Sys Mutex
  • Separate Flush List Mutex
  • Improved Purge Scheduling
  • InnoDB Stats in Performance Schema
That's quite a lot for new features along with other bug fixes.

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