Thursday, April 08, 2010

Work Progress on Linux Repository

Another update today for my Linux repository. I have added Slackware64-13.0 and Slackware64-current, so basically all Slackware release starting from 12.2 and above are now available.

Besides Slackware updates, i'm also setting up for new architecture for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. Right now, it only support for i386, but i'm in a progress of downloading the amd64 version, so that 32 bit and 64 bit computers can make use of this repository.

I'm also testing the new kubuntu on my vmware (currently, it's still installing at the time i wrote this blog post). It's Kubuntu 10.04 Beta 1 and i will try to update all the packages using the repo that i have created.

For those who would like to sneak peak on the work i'm working on, you can contact repo (at) ukdw ac id for more information about the repository.

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