Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Internal Repository Up and Running

My internal Linux repository is now finished. I have finished the first phase, which was downloading the repository. My laptop can finally take some rest after four days downloading 30 GB non stop.

I have uploaded the repository to the server which will hold the repository. It has plenty of empty spaces, so 30 GB is so small compared to the free space Evil Grin

I have also setup the RSYNC daemon so that people can use rsync to mirror the repository on their own computers. It's very easy to do. All i need is follow the instructions described here and within a minute, it's set up Rock

Right now, i'm adding up Slackware64-Current to the repository. More repo will come, but please be patient. Everything will be disclosed someday when the testing is done. For now, it's already up and running, but still being tested internally.

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