Sunday, April 04, 2010

Ubuntu Repository Progress

I'll try to sum up the progress with my Ubuntu Repository project. So far, i have downloaded 15 GB of Ubuntu's Repository from Kambing using my old laptop which i formatted to Slackware 13.0 with minimum installation (no X, just text mode). It has been running for 1 day and 20 hours so far, probably the longest uptime i ever did for a laptop of mine. Usually, i never use laptop that long.

As i stated before on my previous post, the complete Lucid repository will take 60 GB of space (and probably growing) and i'm not going to do that as i believe only a few people will take the advantage of the availability of the source code. They tends to use the binary instead of compiling it from source. That's why, i'm excluding the source on my repository and it's only for i386 architecture. Adding x86_64 architecture can be done later when the first phase is done and it's not a big problem as it won't be as big as the initial phase. By using this scheme, i managed to reduce the size of packages i need to download to around 30 GB. So far, i have finished around 50%.

If you think it's very slow, yes, it's very slow, but i'm running it on my personal Internet connection based on Speedy's unlimited access with up to 1 Mbps connection. It would have been finished if i'm using my campus connection, but due to technical problem, i can't do that.

On the first day, i managed to download around 9 GB (24 hours) and today, i'm hoping to get another 9 GB so i will have 18 GB around 3 PM (it was the time i started downloading the repository). It shall be finished on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the stability of the connection.