Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Busy Day

Today i spent almost half of my day at work. I have three classes to teach and one thesis (final project for Bachelor degree) presentation. Unlucky me, the schedule for the thesis presentation was at 3 PM where i have to teach at 1.30 - 4. PM. Usually, i would have skipped the presentation, but the student whom present her final project is my supervised student, so i must attend it. Gladly, the presentation ended nicely. She passed the presentation even though some revision still have to be done in order to get her final score.

After that, i visited my girlfriend's sister because she has just got her first daughter yesterday. The baby was so cute and the parent was fine. I visited there with my mother and after that, i had a dinner in Pizza Hut with my mother and my girlfriend who came to the hospital about 30 minutes after i arrived.

When i got home, the electricity went down. There's nothing i can do, so i went to sleep to get some rest. I woke up around 11 PM and doing my daily activities starting at 11 PM Gym

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