Friday, April 09, 2010

Slackware Discussion at IRC

I was asked to become a speaker in an IRC session to talk about Slackware-Current for Bogor Linux User Group. The discussion was started at 10 PM at Western Indonesian Time and up to 1.36 AM, it's still not over yet, even though the moderator has gone to sleep lmao

At first, i started to talk about Slackware since most of the audience has no idea about Slackware nor they haven't used Slackware. Next, i discussed about the difference between -Stable and -Current branch and also the difference between Slackware and other Linux distribution. Then some audience has started to ask and i answer them one by one. It was a nice discussion.

The moderator went off around 00:00 AM and the discussion is no longer moderated. Everyone started to ask many things and it has become even more active discussion since other member also replied and share their answers and opinions.

Oh well, the discussion went great. I'd love to have another session if they asked me again Evil Grin

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