Sunday, April 18, 2010

iPad in Jogja

My colleague showed me an URL which links to an online store, here in Jogja that sells iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Yes, it also sells iPad. It's quite strange, since Apple itself hasn't have any plan to sell iPad in Indonesia. Even Telkomsel, Apple's partner who usually sold Apple's product hasn't even say anything about this.

The 16 GB iPad is being sold at IDR 8.000.000 and 32 GB is at IDR 9.000.000. It's definitely much more expensive than the original price from Apple, but if Telkomsel will sell iPad in Indonesia in the future, the price won't be far from that also (i'd say around 6-8 million after tax).

Do you want to have iPad? It's your chance to get it, but it's a little bit pricy. I can't be sure about their warranty, but check it out if you are interested.

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  1. From what i read Apple will sell their iPad (wi-fi edition) internationally (including Indonesia i hope :D) even without any local provider to do a bundled agreement at the end of may.

    That's for the wi-fi though. For the 3g, there must be some partnership to seek first. Though i doubt anyone will really buy the 3g version here, since our 3g connection really stinks.