Monday, April 05, 2010

Fish Theraphy

I have just came back from Galeria Mall with my girlfriend after watching Class of the Titans at Empire XXI. At Galeria, she tried the fish theraphy near Toga Mas. On Monday, they offered 50% off and you get 30 minutes with only IDR 35.000. She was curious how it felt to be bit by lots of small fishes around your feet.

After she came out, she told me that she would never do that again lmao. She couldn't bare the itchiness. It felt like there were worms around her feet. So funny. She asked me to do that on my birthday, but let's hope she forgot it Goodluck


  1. waduh will, padahal enak lho, serius, aku mau lagi kalo dibayarin fish terapi...
    enak koq... bersih, seger...

  2. ya itu dia sih
    aku sih mungkin ya mau mau wae :)