Monday, April 19, 2010

Synaptics Gesture Suite in Linux

Synaptics Inc has announced that they have bring Synaptics Gesture Suite™ to the Linux operating system environment. It's a good news for Linux users, mostly users running on Laptop or Netbooks, since they will have better support on gesture on their touchpad.

Unfortunately, not all Linux distribution are supported. Currently, they only support Fedora, Millos Linpus, Red Flag, SLED 11 (SuSE), Ubuntu, and Xandros. SGS for Linux (SGS-L) supports a wide range of pointing enhancements and gestures including two-finger scrolling, PinchZoom, TwistRotate, PivotRotate™, three-finger flick, three-finger press, Momentum™, and ChiralScrolling.

So far, some of them are already active on my ASUS UL80VT. I can do three finger down (yields a context menu), two finger scrolling and reverse (up/down and left/right).

It will be a good idea if all of those gestures can be activated in Linux. I hope it will be available in SlackBuilds soon Yahoo


  1. I too have a UL80VT, but I thought it came with an Elan smartpad, not a Synaptic?

  2. i'm not sure whether it's Elan or Synaptic, but it is different with normal touchpad

  3. Anonymous9:15 AM

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