Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wrong Checksums on Repository

Since last night, my Linux repository is not updating. When i checked the source repository, it didn't update also. They have some kind of lock in their status page, meaning there was some maintenance process or something else that caused the packages didn't get updated.

So, i switched to other source of repository and i have downloaded all the packages (around 4 GB). This morning, i boot up my Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 2 and found that it has a mismatch checksums Doh. I decided to go back to the original source and Panic to know that i have to download around 6,8 GB. I just don't get it. Even though it shares the same repository, but it doesn't sync with each others. Or is it the changes in last night update was that big?

Oh well, the repository is now being updated. Can't tell how long it will be finished, but i hope it won't take too long, as i want to update my Lucid ASAP Rolling

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