Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Repository: Linux Mint

Another repository has been added to my campus Linux repository. I have just finished mirroring Linux Mint repository. Why Linux Mint? Because it's one of the best Linux distribution which works out of the box and it has very good reputation on hardware detection. Aside from the distribution, it probably being used by some students in my campus, so it would be better to support them if they are going to use it.

There is another repository coming up, which is Fedora, but i'm still waiting for the next major release, Fedora 13.0 which will be released next month. I will start mirroring when the release date is near and the repository is ready to be downloaded. Right now, they are still lurking at testing directory and not quite ready for production. I will only mirror production-ready release (Except for Slackware-Current and Slackware64-Current).


  1. Hello,
    I hope that arount ubuntu you'll not forgive slackware :D
    Can you give link to the repo please? And good luck :)

  2. Don't worry, i won't leave Slack for Ubuntu :)
    It's just for the sake of testing the repository.

    The repository is intended for internal use for my campus, so you might experience a slow connection from outside, but if you want to test, the URL is
    So far, only 2 repositories has been added, Slackware and Ubuntu