Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Another Training

Today i started another training with Ruud Mulder as the tentor. All of the activities were postponed (including my project). He taught a lot of new materials which we haven't know or make us learn something deeper for materials that we have known before. He will be here for about three weeks, but i don't know how long the training will be conducted. In break time, i do some code analysis on my code which hasn't finished yet. I found some error and i fixed it, but still not perfect yet. I still have to optimize the code before the test process started. Let's hope it will be finished before the test team start their job on testing the whole program.


  1. As I know Ruud will be in Indonesia for 7 weeks, He'll also giving PSP training on april in jogja replacing Peter :)

  2. 7 Weeks? As far as i know, he'll be here for 3 weeks only and Peter will still be the tentor for the PSP training in April. Please let me know about this update as soon as possible, so i can inform UKDW as soon as possible