Monday, March 06, 2006

Kernel Released

The next stable kernel has been released by Chris Wright with small updates (including the NFS bug that was introduced by the In this version, it involves 5 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-). You can see the diff in the kernel official website. Because this update was relative small and most of them will not affect my system, i will not use this version and i will wait for the next or perhaps skip to 2.6.16.x (not the first 2.6.16 release, since sometimes it's still buggy, even though Linus has give some spare time for kernel developers to test the kernel itself). I'm quite happy with for now and it takes some times to do the compilation process, so let's just wait for the next -stable kernel.


  1. Kapan re-compile kernel lagi? hehehe...

  2. sudah tertulis khan?? kalo sudah keluar. At least bukan 2.6.16, karena aku yakin pasti biasanya buggy (karena dari 2.6.15.x ke 2.6.16 itu banyak banget yang kirim patch dan aku yakin waktu 2 minggu itu gak cukup buat testing semua patch di semua arsitektur). Jadi mendingan tunggu (biasanya ada perbaikan dan juga update dari 2.6.16).

    Tapi ya lihat2 juga changelognya, soalnya kalo emang berpengaruh ama systemku saat ini ya terpaksa aku compile ulang kernelnya (bug fix yang cukup penting)