Thursday, March 16, 2006

Some New Great Blog To Read

I have found some new blogs which (i think) should be read frequently, since it covers many things. It's included in Antony Pranata's website. He has some blogs : Mobile Blog, Personal Opinion, and Personal Life. He is a software engineer working in the mobile phone industry (NOKIA). Currently, He currently lives in Vancouver, Canada, but he was originally from Indonesia (Magelang). I used to bought his books (it's about programming books, mostly in Pascal). He has wrote several books and his explanation was clear enough for common students/person. I still keep his book up to now at my house in Jogja.

He has lived in several countries, including Germany (where he finished his MSc degree), Canada (where he lives now), and has been travelling to several countries as well, such as China, HongKong, and United States (perhaps there were more) and got a lot of experience which he has wrote some of them in his blogs. It's nice to have such kind of information from a person who has travelled around the world.

I got many new information by reading other people's blog, so i think it's good habit to read as many blog as possible, as you will gain a lot of knowledge, information, gossip, and rumors around the world. Last year (perhaps this year also), blogging has been heavily increasing and most people has started to have their own blog (either by registering in free blog, such as Blogger and Multiply or by making a new blog using some Blog application, such as WordPress).

So.. what are you waiting for? Start blogging and spread as many information as you can to the world by writing it your blog. VIVA BLOG... :D

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  1. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Thanks for the introduction. I am just an ordinary person actually. Everyone should be able to do the same thing if they have patience, willingness and hard working.