Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cheap Rate

I have bought a new CDMA number from Fren because it has cheap rate if we use it to call our friend which also uses Fren network. You only have to pay Rp. 1388 / hour. That's VERY VERY Cheap. My girlfriend who told me about this news. She also bought a new number and new cellphones also (because she only had a GSM-based cellphones). So right now, i have three numbers, 1 Simpati (home town Jogja), 1 Esia (home town Jakarta) and 1 Fren number (home town Jakarta). I will be using my Fren number at night and at weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

We talked for about 2 and half hour last night. Communication was never been this cheap before. We talked a lot of things and share our condition. I asked about his final project and she has done it well. She is now starting to finalizing her third chapter and i hope she can finish it as soon as possible, so she would have a lot of spare time before the graduation that will be hold at April and November (i don't think that she will be granted to take the April graduation, since it's too short, but we will see about that later). I missed her sooooo much, but ever since i used Fren, i can call her (and vice versa) everytime and everywhere.


  1. Duh senengnya nelpon terus :). Hati-hati will, aku biasanya ndak nelpon selama itu (2,5 Jam) telingaku udah kerasa panas. Padahal kalo pake hape gsm ndak pernah sampe panas gitu.

  2. iya nich, aneh banget CDMA, gampang panas HPnya. Dan satu lagi.. BOROSSSnya minta ampun. Satu hari dipake, satu hari charge ulang. Wah boros banget dech pokoke

    Mumpung murah ya dimanfaatin aja hehehehe

  3. pakai speakerphone dong.. kan gak perlu nempel di pipi tuh HP, atau pakai hands free atau bluetooth.. kan lebih enak

  4. solusinya : pake loudspeaker (beres) eheheheeh