Saturday, March 25, 2006

Setting Up CVS Server

Today i set up the CVS server for the Indonesian Translation for OOo project. It was kindda confusing for me, as for Mandriva Translation project and OOo Documentation Project, the CVS Server has been setup by other person, and i only have to checkout the modules, but in this case, i should set it up and make it available for other developers (by adding member and granting them the sufficient permissions).

Luckily, it's done now and the CVS module is up. You can checkout it using :

cvs login

cvs -z6 co -P ooo-id

I have set the web page also, but there's nothing on it right now, except for big "Under Construction" text on the center of the page. I haven't made the web page for now and i'm hoping that it will be finished as soon as possible and it will contain many information about the project and how to contribute to the project (it's kindda complicated for the first time).

For now, there has been 3 members (including me) and it will grow up as many people will start to contribute to this project. Let me know if you are interested with this project.

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