Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I'm totally confused today. I have to make some complicated validation on my project and it took a lot of code (approximately 1600 line of code). I know there will be a lot of redundant, but let's leave it like that for now, since i still have some work to do to update the code (it's not finished yet. There are some bugs which i have found lately, but i haven't fix it yet. Perhaps tommorrow).

The Internet connection was dead also for about one and half hour, so i can't download my emails for some time. We only communicate using some software which operates in the Intranet and it worked perfectly, but not every member of our staffs have installed this software, so not everybody can join our conversation. My prediction was because Telkom's switch was hit by lightning few days ago and it burned their main routers and switches which connect many other router and switches and they are trying to replace it as soon as possible, but still it need some time to finish all of the replacement and re-configuration. Let's just hope that it will be as minimal as possible. Enough for now. Let's take a rest and come back tommorrow.


  1. Anonymous5:25 AM

    The problem that you facing now - validating code and redundant code - is because we as the engineer team, didn't make a code design at all. We just typing code that we make just not to be errors in the code and run it, we never think deeply about the logic process, the design, the software flow and alot more..

    This is what i think..

  2. yup, that's why Ruud is coming to Indonesia to teach us about analysing and design process before starting a project. I heard that you are working with him in Zensoline project. Nice guy... :D

  3. Anonymous5:17 AM

    yea.. He teach Me alot :) He is nice and smart, talk only if needed :p