Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sad Ending

Last night (11 PM for exact time), i finished reading the sixth edition of Harry Potter : Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which i bought two months ago. I start reading it at Saturday and finished at Wednsday (i know it's kindda slow, but i only got a little spare time to read it and i only read it at night). The ending was kindda sad, with Dumbledore was dead, killed by Severus Snape (i already hate this character since his first appearance in the first edition). Draco Malfoy was being sent by You-Know-Who to continue his father task, after he has been sent to Azkaban. He (Malfoy) cried (yes, he cried) at the toilet (perhaps he couldn't dare to kill Dumbledore as ordered by You-Know-Who or just an acting).

As usuall, the Gryffindor team won the Quidditch, even though Harry was out of luck, since he attacked Malfoy with some new curse when he wanted to attach Harry with Imperius curse and got a weekly detention for the rest of his semester from Snape and he couldn't lead his team for the final match. They had to win over Ravenclaw over 300 points (i kindda forget about this score), and they surpassed it.

The good news for Harry was he fell in love with Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley's little sister and Hermione and Ron does too (after some clash between Hermione and Ron, since Ron kissed Lavender all the time and Hermione was accussed to kiss Victor Krum in the previous edition. Both were jealous each other, but it ended happilly). Everything ended with a good one, except for Dumbledore's death and Malfoy and Snape managed to escape from Hogwarts.

I can't wait to see the final battle in the last edition. Perhaps it will be released next year. I'll have to wait for the Indonesion version, since i have collected ever since the second edition was released (i missed the first edition, but my girlfriend has it)

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