Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Problem Raised After Update

Last night, i download all the -current updates in Slackware's repository (besides the 2.6 kernel, since i'm find with the kernel that i build). When i got home, i started by updating the NVidia driver first, since it will require the same GCC version that was being used to compile the kernel and i want to upgrade my GCC, so it's best to upgrade the NVidia driver first. After the installation is complete, i upgrade all packages in -current package (except for kernel 2.4 also, since i'm quite happy with 2.4.31 and 2.4.x kernel was only used for rescue mode when 2.6 kernel was having some problem).

When i rebooted my system, i got some strange error message, saying that MySQL has been started and in two seconds, it ended again. GDM also display some weird error messages saying that the /var/lib/gdm didn't existed. I had to restarted my system and log into textmode. I checked the directory and it was there. I hacked my system for a few hours trying to solve the MySQL and GDM problem and finally i got the solutions. Reinstall MySQL and GPM could solve the problem. I don't know why reinstalling GPM solve this problem, but it works as it is. Perhaps it's because the installation will set the permission again. It also works for MySQL.


  1. mas, tak kirain udah migrasi ke mandriva :D

  2. belum, sampe sekarang masih puas dengan Slackware-current, meskipun aku dah ada ISOnya Mandriva 2006.1 dari DVDnya InfoLinux