Sunday, March 26, 2006

Strange Shop

Yesterday i went to several places in north of Jakarta (Kelapa Gading area) and we had lunch at Sop Konro Karebosi (yeah, i have wrote that kind of story several weeks ago and i was coming there again yesterday with different person). Yesterday i went with Adi, Budi, Yuni, and Sherly (Budi's girlfriend). After having lunch, we went to La Piazza and Kelapa Gading Mall to hangout for a while, since were so full after having lunch at Konro.

In Kelapa Gading (i don't know which building is it, since it's huge and i'm not used to go there), there was some kind of small pool which you can throw some coins it it (just like the old story when if you throw some coins on the fountain, it will make your wish come true). There was some people who threw some coins from the second floor (or perhaps third floor) and they were warned by the security officer. We also heard one people shouting for several times (i think that it was a crazy guy since he was yelling that i didn't understand at all. He spoke very unclear). When we got into the second floor, i knew that the person that was shouting before was promoting his store, which was Daiso, a Japannesse shop which sold a lot of Japannesse items (as well as Indonesian) and they have same prices at seventeen thousand rupiah.

The strange thing was most of the people who worked there also shouting things in Japannesse which (i guess, because they said it in Japannesse language which i don't understand) saying that you can have all items in the same price. For some people (like myself), i got annoyed by that kind of sound if it was done repeatedly, but luckily after some time, they stopped shouting like that. What a strange shop.


  1. Strange... We have Daiso in Vancouver, Canada too; but the people there are nice... My wife goes there very often (almost everyweek) because they have many cute and sweet things.

  2. Yup, they do have cute and sweet things, but the way they shout is what annoys me. Too bad the good and sweet thing only in the front side of the store. In the back of the store, they also sell toys and other regular items.