Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Kaskus Radio

I have just found a new online radio station, KaskusRadio, which was sponsored by Kaskus, the biggest Indonesian Forums. It has a streaming facility which can be used by anybody only by using Windows Media Player or Winamp. You could also request a song (if the DJ is online and if they have the songs). You could also find some song lyrics on the site. If you look for Chinnesse songs, search for DJ BuCil. He usually plays Chinnesse songs. For the other DJ, they usually plays Indonesian songs. (That's what i know from my friend, Rosi).

Too bad streaming isn't a good ways to hear a music in Indonesia, since we lack of bandwidth, not like in other countries, where they have gigabit connection and they are cheap. Let's hope in the future, Indonesia will have cheaper rate for Internet connection.

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