Friday, March 24, 2006

Starting a New Project

I have started a new project (ooo-id) on Sourceforge which will be the base for Indonesian version of I need Sourceforge since it provides CVS access and that's what i need for collaboration projects. I know that has provided us with the CVS access also, but it would be nice if we can have another CVS repository while we use the Indonesian Native Lang Project as the gateway of the product itself. The project will try to translate the PO files of that will be used to build the Indonesian version of It's part of the Native Lang project.

The project was registered yesterday and today it has been activated by the Sourceforge team. There are no homepages or anything, since i haven't set all those things (perhaps i will do it as soon as possible). The first thing that i would do is download the latest POT files of, update it to my local repository and try to upload it to Sourceforge and let's any developer who wants to join this project to update the PO files. When it finishes, i will try to submit the PO files to Pavel that will build the GSI files and build the Indonesian version of

I hope that many people would like to join to this project and participate on it. Let's hope Indonesian version of will come out as soon as possible. If you have questions on it, please mail me, while i'm building the websites for the project.

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