Monday, April 10, 2006

And The Party Continues

What i mean by party here is Manchester United's party. They have beaten Arsenal 2-0 in Old Trafford last night by a gol from Wayne Rooney and Park Ji Sung in the second half. What makes me confused is that Arsenal was saving some of their star, like Henry and Ljunberg. They were played in minute 70 replacing Van Persie and Hleb. But, it didn't matter again, since Manchester United has won the big match and i think people in MU Cafe and Planet Hollywood would agree with my opinion (as long as they are big fans of MU).

But before that, Chelsea had a big won 4-1, which means the gap remains still. They had 7 point above Manchester United, but they will lose some player, since one of their player got a red card in that game (i didn't watch the game, since i was playing a game which has just been installed in my laptop). I hope that MU can make this party continues to the next matches while hoping Chelsea to get some obstacles in their last 5 matches.

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