Saturday, April 08, 2006

New Udev Causing Trouble

Today i have upgraded my Slackware system using the latest -current packages (including the shinny KDE 3.5.2). Everything goes smooth, until i decided to try to upgrade my udev packages using the latest udev packages from Piter Punk and also the current packages for module-init-tools from Pat (i usually use Piter Punk's packages). I followed his instruction but when i rebooted my system, the udev process had never stopped and it won't mount the filesystem (usually, swap and filsystems are mounted after DHCP process in my system). It just displaying message 2 process running all the time. I know that something bad has happened, so i tried to revert it using the working packages and thank God it worked again.

It seems that the new udev is causing this problem, so for now, i'll stick with the previous version (0.88). I'll send a message to Piter Punk about this and hopefully he can give a solution about this. I'm not an udev fans (but i do like if i use newer version for all of my packages, since mostly you got a better packages. Udev is an exception, since most new version causes trouble and need some tweaking in some places), so i'm quite happy with the version that i used right now, since it was quite faster than hotplug (mostly when you disabled ldconfig and remove unneeded services as well) and the most important, it worked. I don't want to mess my system with newer packages which will broke all of my system.

One thing i like in this new KDE release is that Pat has included Amarok as an official multimedia package for Slackware (and also the dependency packages, libtunepimp and libmusicbrainz). In the previous version, it wasn't included, so i had to use packages from LinuxPackages. The package got broken when i upgraded to KDE 3.5.1 (perhaps it depends on older library). It always crashes when it played the next song or when i press the skip button. I was waiting for the next 1.4 version, but it was still in Beta version, so i switched to JuK as my primary audio player replacing XMMS and AmaroK. But since Pat include the new version of AmaroK (1.3.9), i tried to upgraded my AmaroK and the bug was never been found again, so i switched back to AmaroK (i still like JuK and XMMS). That's a good news for me, since now i have three options to listen to MP3 or OGG files using three great applications, XMMS, AmaroK, and JuK. I believe there are other player, but this three are my favorites.

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