Thursday, April 20, 2006

CVS Sync Delay

In the last few weeks i'm quite confused about CVS in Sourceforge, since it didn't display the changes made by the our developers in their web interface. I send a support request and in a few minutes, i got an answer for it and the admin said that the sync delay between the CVS for developer and anonymous were disabled for now. Here are the replies :

Per the notice on the site status page, the CVS sync between
developer and anonymous CVS hosts is currently disabled. This is
due to some potential data corruption issues on the developer CVS
host. We are trying to keep the data sources separate for now, to
ensure the highest levels of data integrity (we have multiple
possible sources of good data to fix the corruption from,
including the anonymous CVS hosts, nightly tarballs, tape backups
and user's own working copies).

Please keep an eye on the site status page for further updates to
this issue:

Thank you, Support

When i checked the CVS by using log, history and diff commands, i saw that the version is correct and all changes are committed to the CVS server correctly. So for now, we should rely on the command to view if there are changes made to the CVS Server. I'm hoping that they will fix it as soon as possible.