Sunday, April 09, 2006

Waiting For Another Big Match

Today there will be another big match between Manchester United and Arsenal in EPL (English Premiere League). They will face head to head in Old Trafford and i can predict that this match will be extremely interesting, since both side was in their best performance based on their last three matches. Arsenal had beaten Juventus to slip through the semifinal in the Champions league and fighting to chase Tottenham for next season's Champion league tickets, while MU had their run and closes the gap to Chelsea to 7 points and maintain their position over Liverpool.

In their previous matches, there were always red card shown by the refree, since there was always dangerous tackle, mouth debate between players (and managers), etc. That's why it's called big match. The same title is given for some derby matches and also for Liverpool and Chelsea. The match will be broadcasted live in TV7 at 10 PM and also there will be some event on MU Cafe and Planet Hollywood (in Jakarta). Nice match for some advertising.

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