Monday, April 24, 2006

RSS Feedreader 3.0

After a long development time, finally RSS Feedreader 3.0 is out and available for public consumption. It has some radical improvements and here are those :

Improved user interface
* Radically simplified user interface
* One-click access for different view modes
* Popular "River Of News" view
* Grouping headlines by source, date or tag
* Possibility to add and remove columns from view

Powerful filtering and smartfeed engine
* Ultimate configurability, every normal feed can be converted to smartfeed and vice versa
* Possibility to combine multiple feeds to one feed

Perfomance improvements
* Speedier handling of large number of feeds
* Faster startup and shutdown times
* Smart feed updates - unique algorithm that learns the update frequency of feeds and triggers the updates only when needed

* Enclosures and podcasting support
* Tagging support
* Nested folder support
* Full Unicode support
* Secure (SSL) connection support

* Internet Explorer 6.0 or newer

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