Sunday, April 23, 2006

Bad Services

Today i went to Plaza Ambarukmo, the new mall in Jogja with my mother and my girlfriend and we ate in Hayam Wuruk. We ordered some three kind of food for each of us, but it only came two so i asked the waiter to ask for the last food, because i have ate mine by half and so does my mother. For some time it has no progress, so i asked for another waiter and that happened for 3 times, and finally the supervisor asked what was missing for the order and he asked the waiter to cook it for us. What a strange services, since peoples which came after us had got their orders and i already had half of my food (i ate slowly since i'm not very well and it's quite hot) and my girlfriend's order hasn't come yet. I hope they fix for the future.

The mall itself was great, but not all shops has opened. Most of them were still in renovations, but the place itself were huge and it's kindda the same with the mall in Jakarta (well, it can't compared directly, since Jakarta surely win over Jogja), but at least it's nice.