Saturday, April 29, 2006

Recompile Again

Today i recompiled another kernel release, kernel, the latest one for now (it may have changed because the -stable team are very fast on their work so new releases can be out in just a matter of few hours, not like the main Linus development tree which usually release another version after 2-3 weeks of big testings). I also upgrade my system to the latest -current development in Slackware. The compilation process doesn't take that long, since i left it to reread Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, the author of The Da Vinci Code, a novel which was controversial and debatted by many people around the world. I also made a phone call with my girlfriend, so it didn't make me bored of waiting for the compilation process. After making some slightly changes in lilo.conf, i reboot my system and start testing the new kernel and it worked great. No problems arose after the kernel upgrade, but still my KDM won't work if i directly boot to graphical mode. I had to boot to text mode first and then execute startx to start graphical mode. Kindda sloppy but it worked for me. Let's just leave it like that for now.

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