Friday, April 21, 2006

Last Day Before Day Off

Today is my last day in Jakarta before i will take three days off, since tomorrow i will go to Jogja and have a relax three days with my family and my girlfriend. I will have opportunity to visit Plaza Ambarukmo, the newest mall in my city. I think it's the best mall for now on and for the next five years, but who knows? Jogja's development is very fast and many investor are interested in investing their money in Jogja.

Today i also finished my PSP training with Ruud Mulder. It was a nice training and we gain a lot of knowledge that we can use in future projects and for ourselves. Basically it can be used for daily life, but for this training, it's focused on the software development. He will leave to Holland tommorrow and tonight there will be a farewell party for him. Let's hope us have a nice trip tommorrow even though we have different destination (^o^).