Saturday, April 22, 2006

Strange Flight

Today i got a strange flight. It started when i used the airport bus. Usually there were two people, the driver and the other people who would charge the passengers, but today it was only the driver, so before we got at the airport, the bus stopped and the driver charged the passenger. That's the first one.

The second one, i tried to buy Vitacimin because i was kindda ill and i want to prevent to be knocked out at the airport by consuming vitacimin, so i tried to bought it at the airport, but i forgot to ask the price first, so when i paid, i was suprised that the price was Rp.5000 for 1 strip (WHAT THE H*C*?? i usually bought it for Rp.875 in a mini market near my office). If i'm not sick, i wouldn't buy it for that price).

The third one was the delay of the flight itself. One of the officer announced that the flight will be delayed for 90 minutes (which was actually 100 minutes) since the plane from Surabaya hadn't arrived yet. Most of the people were complaining, but they couldn't do anything. I was wondering, why couldn't they use another plane? since i saw some unused plane was in the airport (the same airways). Luckily they provided some snacks and drinks because it was lunch time (my flight should be at 11.15 AM).

Because of this delay, i couldn't go to my friends graduatin party that should be celebrated at that day. I'm sorry guys, i really want to go to the graduation, but there was an unexpected situation and there is nothing i can do to solve it just to wait. When i got home, i go straight to bed because i'm not well today.

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  1. Anonymous9:04 AM


    Semoga sekarang sudah fit.Kan abis ketemu pujaan hati:)
    Soal bis bandara itu pengalamanku beberapa kali naik, memang ga ada kondekturnya. Jadi menjelang sampai di bandara, bisnya berhenti, terus sopir ngumpulin uang karcis penumpang. Mungkin biar ngirit, gak perlu mbayari gaji kondektur.