Tuesday, April 11, 2006

CSS Tweak

There is a new online web-based CSS Tweaker which can be used to tweak your CSS files. All you have to do is upload or paste your CSS files into the form provided, and choose some options that are available on the site and press the Tweak >> button and it will be tweaked based on the options you have selected. It will then inform to you what is the percentage of the tweaking process when it's done and you can download your new tweaked CSS file.

In this version (0.4), there isn't so much options yet, but still it is a great apps that can be used to make a cleaner CSS file. I recommend that you choose Leave My Layout Alone! option, or you will have all your CSS file in 1 line (because the removal of the White Spaces). I have checked all of my CSS files that were used to build my home page and there were only 1 changes made (the rest were the removal of the comments). Nice one....

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