Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No Trip To Jogja

The workshop has been cancelled and there will be no trip to Jogja at 8 of April until 26 of April. The PSP training will be held at Jakarta instead in Jogja. I will take my day off at 22 to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday which will be in 25 of April. The news was so sudden, but nevermind. What's done is done. We should see the future, not the past. I believe there are some of my colleagues which also as dissapointed as i do, but nothing we can do besides accepting it. I feel so bad about this, since i was pointed as the contact person and nothing i can do about this at all. It has been decided when i'm off the office.


  1. Laaah, kok begituuuuuuu????? :(

  2. eh itu workshopnya harus udah menguasai dasar C# yah .. ?? nggak jadi ikut dong aku .. :( .. la aku bisanya cuman C++ je .. :(
    gimana tuh, ko .. ?? mohon pencerahannya ..

  3. lha mbohhh....
    tiba2 dibatalkan

    @ochik : harusnya sih C, bukan C#, tapi karena batal ya gak jadi semua :(