Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to Jakarta

After 7 hours of travelling via train (plus 1 hour of delay), finally i'm back to Jakarta. The trip was quite fun as i went with my colleague and we had some talk on the train. We also watched some movies on the train (The Medallion and the other one i forgot the name). There was an incident when we were on the train. Some local people (perhaps children) threw a stone into our train and it damaged the glass and it cracked. The first threw only hit the body of the train but the second one managed to get the passengers who was sitting on the seat surprised, as she brought her son and he was sleeping. After being cleaned up, they go to sit again.

After arriving at Gambir, i tooked a cab and go to the office to syncronize all of my work while i'm in Jogja and do some updates on my laptop. Finally, i have to get some rest or i'll be knocked out tommorrow :D

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