Sunday, August 13, 2006

Planning To Upgrade

Today i'm scheduled to make a new planning to upgrade my Slackware on my PC. This PC has been outdated since last April and there was a lot of new stuffs that should be upgraded or new application to be installed on this system. As you know, upgrading means there's a probability that it will break the current status, so i should plan them carefully or else i'll end the process with unusable system. Right now, i'm still confused whether i should wait for the next Slackware 11.0 release or upgrade to the -current using my current system.

The advantage of waiting for Slackware 11.0 is i don't have to upgrade a lot of things and configure it again, as it's kindda baseline for the overall system. I got a new fresh system with everything i need. The disadvantage of using this approach is that i will loose GNOME (even though i never used them, but i still need some of it's libraries) and i will have to configure some things so that it can used as i need and that takes time (usually i go back to my hometown every four months). Four months of updates will be waiting for me again to be installed. That's a hell of work to do and it will take most of my spare time.

I will start by getting the latest changelog and sort them out. Next is to filter a duplicate packages, as sometimes old version has been replaced by new version. The last action is to upgrade/install the packages itself. I think the most problematic problem for now is to have a new kernel version above 2.6.15 in order to make the latest udev works. I will have to compile the kernel first and then i can continue with the rest. Let's see if the efforts worthed or not. If not, probably i will not upgrade this PC and let's wait for Slackware 11.0 instead. I don't use this PC as frequently as when i was in college, as i'm staying in Jakarta and this PC was not taken along with me. I use my laptop instead.

Update: I finally finished listing all the packages and the result, i have 301 unique packages (although it's not the final packages, as i still need some other packages from source code. It only list all Slackware's official packages. Some of them are also in wildcards, for example KDE is only written as kde/*). Maybe i will update them rather than having a fresh install, as it's quite fast in my PC to upgrade such amount of packages. The problem is testing it after it has been rebooted. I hope i don't messed up my system after the upgrades :D

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