Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dump Your Code

I met new people yesterday, who asked about CAPTCHA code in my guestbook. He was Steven Gerbitz. He wanted to implement a CAPCTHA code in his website in order to reduce spammers and robots filling his website and he asked me on how to do it. I gave him my source code and he implement it but he didn't make it. He gave me an URL from PasteBin, and it's quite interesting site, as you can share your code to be analysed by other peoples (well, it has side effect as well, if you unaccidentally wrote your user/password over there also).

From the Pastebin websites:
This is a public place to paste things (primarily configurations and source code), but it is really open to pretty much any text format. The idea is to paste large items here when talking online to someone, or even when holding a phone conversation to paste the little things that are hard to explain.

Well, next time if somebody wants to ask some program, maybe we can use this website also to dump my code and let people see and hopefully fix it if he/she founds some bugs on it.

You can also request for the code itself (the highlighting feature) as it was mentioned in their website.

Please note that this is a public websites. NEVER EVER put IMPORTANT DATA. If you do so, take your own risk.

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