Sunday, August 27, 2006

Finishing MCF

I'm not talking about Multimedia Container Format or Meta Content Framework, but i'm talking about Mystery Case File, a fun pc game that i have just finished last night and this morning. I knew this game from my girlfriend when i went back to Jogja few weeks ago and i copied the game from her. I played it for 2 days and yesterday, i finally finished the first one, MCF Prime Suspect.

After watching MU match at TV7 (MU wins yeahh...), i continued to played the second version, MCF Huntsville. This version was a lot simpler then the first one as you don't have to look for batteries and no dark room, but you will have more limited time to complete each levels. It also contains less levels (15 compared to 20 in MCF Prime Suspect). I played this game until 4 am this morning and finally i beat it. Here are the screenshots after i finish the game.


  1. MCF is a best solution to spend ur leissure time :p
    hahaha and u will feel want and want to continue this game until finish :p
    btw, be carefull with ur eyes :p
    i already finish prime suspection..
    Good game :D

  2. finally i finish all. Huntsville and Prime..
    Wil, find again the other level (the other 4 level) hehehhee

  3. I have completed MCF-Huntville. I am playing MCF-PS..I am stuck on the puzzels box conclusion. The part where you put the gems in the penogram. Need some help!!

  4. I'm sorry. I haven't played the game for some time, so i almost forget it.