Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Warning or Joke?

Today i read a news in DetikInet that wrote about 19 peoples have been asked by the police for sending an earthquake issue via SMS. All of them came from Jakarta and now, they have been brought to police station to be asked by the officer. I don't know what are the motivation for them to do this, but as far as i know, they have spread some issues about earthquake and tsunami that makes most people all over Jakarta were panic last week. Well, it's not a major mistake, as Indonesia does suffer some earthquake and it's good to have early notifications just to be prepared, but some people use this chance to deliver false warnings. BMG also didn't give better explanation on this and people were panic, since there has been so many disasters occurred in the last two weeks. But now, they have confirmed that they will use 2303 for their official announcements.

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