Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Computer Mini Vacuum

Today i went to Plaza Ambarukmo (again) with my girlfriend after visiting my campuss. We had lunch there and then we take a walk and ate some ice (Charmy or something like this). It was nice and at the end, we went to Carrefour. She wanted to buy a monitor screen and i saw some electonic product and see if there is something interesting. I saw a computer mini vacuum which was powered from the USB port and it has small LED flash light on it. It was nice and i think i need this thing, as i need to clean up my keyboard in both of my laptop and PC, so i bought one. It wasn't too expensive and when i tried this at home, it has quite a big sucking power, so it's nice to have. Too bad i don't have any digicam or camera-enabled mobile phone so i can't take a screenshot of it.


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Just bring it when You come back to Jakarta and I'll take the picture for You. Of course with a small fee of lending it to Me hehehe...

  2. Why everybody keep saying Charmy is good? I would say that Charmy doesn't have anything much but a soft ice.