Friday, August 18, 2006

No Days Without Updates

In the last two weeks, Slackware-current changelog is very busy with changes. Some of them are just typo or small mistakes, but the rest is a list of upgraded or patched packages in order to give better stability and security of the next Slackware release. Pat has decided to label the current status as Release Candidate 1 and it means that it will ship in short time. Slackware release date is not scheduled nor published in some kind of roadmap or schedule plan. Pat will decide it's release date when he think his creation is ready and stable enough to hit the public as he is very concern about security and stability on his great product. Most people who has used Slackware will be glad to hear that there will be another release for Slackware (including me), but those who are using -current will see not so much surprises as -current reflects the latest snapshots of the next Slackware release (and this is what i used right now, so i had to updates tons of updates everyday in the last two weeks, due to rapidly changing changelogs). Some of them were skipped due to slow Internet connection at my home, and i will leave it until i got back to Jakarta. It's only KDENetwork and KDEBASE. As for KDENetwork, it's ok for me to skip this package, as i don't use Kopete for my messaging client. I used Gaim and i'm quite OK with it. And for KDEBASE, i don't have any problem so far when i'm using Slackware and loaded KDE as my window manager, so i think it's ok to postponed this packages. PHP package was not so very important also, as i usually download it from directly and compiled it by myself.

Well, i think until Slackware 11.0 is released, there will be no days without updates. Stay tuned at the changelogs :D

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