Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Udev Complaints

Few days ago, Pat finally decided to upgrade to the latest udev packages and merged Piter Punk's works on his packages (udev and sysvinit). I upgraded to the latest udev version and find no problems at all (except for some unneeded messages trying to remove /dev/coldplug. I think it's a duplicate message while the directory has been removed earlier in the code.). Meanwhile, some people at LinuxQuestion forum suffered a boot trouble after they upgraded to latest udev. Maybe some of them forgot to put all the .new file on the /etc/rc.d and rename it to the appropriate name. It's already mentioned in the Changelog, but somepeole used automatic updater, such as Slapt-get, Swaret, or Gslapt which automatically download and install/upgrade the packages. I personally never used such kind of tools, as sometimes the -current package broke something and the best way (in my opinion) to upgrade and using -current by reading the changelog carefully and plan your upgrades. I have never had major problems up to now by using this method.

I used to have udev problems also and the system won't finished booting. It ended at hotplug services (which is not used anymore if you have kernel 2.6.15.x and above since it has been replaced by udev), so i tried to use Piter Punk's packages until Pat decided to put an upgrade to the udev.

Using udev is really nice. Your system will boot faster compared to hotplug (i have compared it by myself), and it's used in newer kernel version also, so you will likelly need to upgrade to udev also if you haven't do so (except if you wants to run old kernel version).


  1. Hey man,
    Would u please tell me the detail of implementing udev?

  2. Hello Mic,

    the udev are working based on rules that can be found at /etc/udev/rules.d/ directory. You can change some file to change udev's behaviour