Sunday, August 13, 2006

I'm Home

After having 50 minutes of delayed (again) flight, i finally arrived at Adisucipto International Airport at Jogja. I was picked up by my mother (Thanks Mom), and we went for a lunch together at Mc.D near Stella Duce High School. Next, i took some rest since at 4 PM, i wanted to go to Plaza Ambarukmo with my girlfriend and it will be my first trip to Jogja after the earthquake that struct Jogja at May. I saw some buildings were still cracked (the worst building i ever saw up to now was the Saphire Mall). I don't think it can be (soft) re-opened at 1 of September, since major parts of the building were still in construction and the wall had a lot of cracks on it.

Plaza Ambarukmo was a nice mall. It was totally different from the last time i went there at April. Now, most of the shops had been opened and the rest will soon follow them. J.Co and BreadTalk will also open one counter in this mall. That was great, since those two franchises were so popular in Jakarta and i think they will have good opportunity in Jogja also. The overall design of Plaza Ambarukmo was like most of the mall in Jakarta. It's confusing and with a lot of backdoors :D. Too bad they didn't have any e-directory services just like in Taman Anggrek. BUT, they have a toilet for disabled peoples, which is located between female and male toilets. Strange position, but they do have it. A lot of new places had open their counter in this mall and i will try them as much as i can while i'm having my holiday at Jogja with my family or my girlfriend.

I think i should get some sleep right now :D